Macjames Global Resources Limited has successfully serviced and/or servicing these companies/organizations, among others.

  1. National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP), Alaoji: Sewa West Africa Limited-Rockson Engineering Co. Ltd
  2. Steag Encotec West Africa Ltd – Marine Division.
  3. Oil and Industrial Services (OIS) Limited, Port Harcourt.
  4. Eiffel-WECO Engineering and Construction Co.
  5. Dover Engineering Limited, Port Harcourt.
  6. Novotel Hotel, Port Harcourt.
  7. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Calabar Branch
  8. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Uyo Branch
  9. Abia State Government, Ministry of Environment.
  10. Abia State Government, Local Government Service Commission.
  11. KrisDera Hotels and Resorts, Omoku.
  12. Prince of Peace Multipurpose Services, Port Harcourt
  13. Sunlyd Integrated Services Limited, Port Harcourt.
  14. Bisty Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt.
  15. Pegasus, Aboloma, Port Harcourt.
  16. St. Jude’s Clinic ,Elelewo, Port Harcourt.
  17. Everyday Group, Port Harcourt.
  18. Yvette Regal Bay Limited, Port Harcourt., among others.