Innovation At Macjames

At Macjames, innovation is a continuous process in our Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing as we partner with our customers and markets to work closely with them, demystify their challenges to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Thus, offering customer-focus innovative eco-friendly specialty chemical solutions and services that take into consideration the needs of a growing population, economical use of resources, relative affordability, environmental preservation, future trends, pandemics & endemics, and sustainability in offering solutions that make impacts toward contributing to the related UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have redefined our innovation process and culture by establishing systematic procedures and management to improve the satisfaction of consumers. The continuous use of User Experience (UX) and necessary iterations from feedbacks have made our innovations to be successfully and more customer-oriented. Our technical (can it be done) and market (should it be done) analysis drive our unique innovation culture. We use unique science and technology approaches to develop new ideas, bring them into being to help our customers have convenient solutions to their challenges more economically, safely and satisfactorily.

Macjames company and partners research, formulate and manufacture innovative chemical products that provide inventive answers to the needs and challenges in households, water treatment, institutions, industries and oilfields. Our investments in both people and technology also provide a valuable knowledge base for offering unique insights to consumers' needs and in offering multi-sectorial solutions.

We have a good number of innovative chemical products which uniquely solve consumers' problems and improve their lives. Macjames shall continue to improve on them and find more unique solutions to challenges as we embrace the future today for sustainable customer satisfaction, value-chain and business growth.

Macjames innovative eco-friendly specialty chemical products have won national and international awards and recognition for innovation in Nigeria by Federal Government of Nigeria YouWin national award and World bank-Federal Government of Nigeria GEM project grant; in United kingdom by Royal Academy of Engineering, Africa Prize Shortlist 2015 and COVID-19 Project CARE grant 2020; Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation Programme for Africa award 2016; Winner of Unilever Foundry Ideas’ "Clean Water Challenge" 2016 ( ; Qualifications in the "Create the Future Design Contest 2016" by SAE, COMSOL and Mouser Electronics U.S.A. (

Our specialty chemical products are in use by national and multinational companies and others in Nigeria and exported to African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, etc. Macjames is a registered exporter with Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) with Products approved by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for use in the oil and gas industry and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) for household and institutional uses.

(DPR Approval No.: DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2018/038)
(APPROVED BY DPR: DPR/HSE.04/003.850/2017/252)
MACJAMES® MSHYP-001 - SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (10% - 20% conc) solution (with concentration anti-retardant to greatly reduce the rate of loss of available chlorine in the solution )
(DPR Approval No.: DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2018/037)
Approved by NAFDAC and DPR: NAFDAC REG. NO. 02-8178L and DPR/HSE.04/003.850/2015/242.
Approved by DPR: DPR/HSE.04/003.850/2015/243
(Cleans dirt, polishes and shines surfaces with dirt and sun guards for the surfaces. IT IS MAJORLY USE FOR DASH BOARD, HOME APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE POLISHING AND CLEANING)

We believe in environmental preservation and human safety thus the applications of biodegradable raw materials in our products’ formulations and use of healthy production processes that result in the manufacturing of our eco-friendly products in all our innovations to solve human problems.

Macjames also believes in human-centric process (human-to-human business), even as we do business-to-business and business-to-consumer, our innovations connect with the fate and fabric of their users’ lives. This is human-to-human business with entrepreneurial sense.

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